Differential Pressure


Videos of various mass, velocity, differential pressure and positive displacement flowmeters.

Furnaces and Kilns

Heat Transfer

Videos of various cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers.


Materials Handling

Videos of various size enlargement and press devices.


Process Parameters

Videos of various pH measurements, conductivity measurement devices, etc.

polymer processing

Polymer Processing

Videos of various blow molding, extruding, injection equipment, etc.



Videos of various moving bed, fixed bed, and fluidized bed reactors, batch reactors, CSTR, etc.

field operations

Separations Chemical

Videos of various absorbers, extractors, distillations columns, evaporators, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, membrane separators, dryers and adsorbers.

Separation reactors

Separations Mechanical

Videos of various mist eliminators, centrifuges, filters, cyclone separators, electrostatic precipitators, steam traps, etc.

Transport Storage

Videos of various compressors, actuators, aerators, fans, conveyors, turbines, seals, nozzles, vacuum pumps and pumps.