Distilled Spirits

Spirits on shelf in the bar
Distilled spirits are a type of beverage with a significantly higher alcoholic content than wine or beer. Also known as distilled liquor or “hard liquor,” this class of alcoholic drink encompasses brandy, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and gin, among others.


Perhaps the easiest way to enhance the flavor of food is through the use of condiments. Condiments are added to food to enhance the flavor without changing the method of cooking or preparing the food.


The production of cheese encompasses many fundamental chemical engineering processes. The raw milk is first pasteurized, then the milk fat content is adjusted through standardization using membrane filtration, after which the milk is placed in a vat.

Canned Foods

canned foods
The canning of food has its origins in the early 19th century when the French brewer Nicolas Appert began preserving foods in airtight containers, answering the emperor Napoleon’s nation-wide challenge to feed his army.


Bread is one of the most consumed items throughout the world. Whether they are flatbreads or risen breads, breads have been a big part of humans‘ diets for thousands of years.